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A brewery, started by Dany De Smet in 2000. ‘Slaapmutske’  literally means ‘sleeping hat’, but also is used for ‘the last beer that is drunk before going to sleep’

The portfolio includes today following beers:

  • Slaapmutske Blond 6,4 Vol%
  • Slaapmutske Bruin 6,0 Vol%
  • Slaapmutske Tripel 8,1 Vol%
  • Slaapmutske Christmas 7,4 Vol%
  • Slaapmutske Bio Tripel 8,0 Vol%
  • Slaapmutske Dry Hopped Lager 5,3 Vol%
  • Slaapmutske Witbier 4,4 Vol%

Behind the Slaapmutske brewey is Dany De Smet : an 42 year old brewing engineer and beerlover born in Wetteren and living in Melle, near Ghent (East-Flanders, Belgium). He has finished brewing school in 1992 as brewing engineer. Started working at the Huyghe brewery (known from Delirium Tremens, pink elephants beer) as brewing master in 1992.

About the birth of ‘Slaapmutske’: Since 1992 a lot of different homebrews were made ‘in the kitchen’ in very small amounts (approx 50 litres/brew).  This was done by Dany and Marleen,together with Patrick Scheirlinck, an old collegue of Dany, who is actually still working as brewing master at the Huyghe brewery.

In november 1999 son of Dany and Marleen Jonas was born and to celebrate this event a special beer was brewed : Jonasbeer. It was a brown-red spicy beer with 9 vol% of Alc that was very much appreciated by the visitors in the hospital (visiting little Jonas…).  A lot of the visitors wanted to buy some bottles of this ‘Beer of birth’ and slowly the idea of maybe brewing again and getting the beer on the marked started to grow. 

 After a pregnancy of some months out of the original Jonasbeer a brownred, full malted topfermentation beer with a spicy aftertaste was born : xxx !? We didn’t had a name ! ! !

While we were brainstorming for an name, it happend that little Jonas was crying and then we always dipped his sooter into a little bit of the nameless beer and gave it to him. As by miracle Jonas stopped crying, was happy and fell into sleep... One moment Marleen smiled and said : this beer is a real ‘Slaapmutske’ (which literally means ‘sleeping hat’, but also is used for ‘the last beer that is drunk before going to sleep’)! At that moment we looked at eachother and both knew for sure: ‘Slaapmutske’ had to be the name of our newborn brewing child ! And because it was winter at the time the extinction 'winterbeer' was added so the official name became: 'Slaapmutske Winterbeer'.

Slaapmutske winterbeer  is released on the (local) Belgian market in 2000 and is a success. To be able to follow the growing demand on the market we decided to work together with the Proefbrewery in Lochristi (East-Flanders, Belgium) to brew the beer under license over there. That way we can make 1400 litres each time. Above this, the use of the modern brewing installation in combiation with an intensive quality control give the additional advantage that the perfect quality of the beer is always guaranteed!

In March 2001 Slaapmutske released a blond beer as well : Slaapmutske Blond. It is a full-malt beer made with malts from barley and wheat with a specific, spicy ‘nose’. This is due to the use of very fine American, aromatic hop varieties and due to a supplementary dry-hopping! For the first time we filled the beer in both bottles and barrels. 

Beginning of 2002 the Slaapmutske-trilogy is finished with a golden-colored triple beer : Slaapmutske tripel. Again very aromatic hop varieties are used to get a beer with lots of character and a spicy taste! From the summer of 2002 all Slaapmutskes are permanently available in barrels and in bottles. Cheers!

As of today, Slaapmutske beers are available in Italy, Spain, USA, UK, Norway Canada, Australia - and since April 2014 are they in Estonia too!


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