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Corsendonk is a Belgian brand of abbey-style beers.

The brandname refers to the Priory of Corsendonk in Oud-Turnhout, which was founded in 1398 and, until it was closed in 1784, had a significant brewery and malt house.

In 1982 the Corsendonk brand was introduced by the Keersmaekers firm in Oud-Turnhout, a former brewery which had become a retailer even though it continued to call itself a brewery. The beers are made elsewhere.

The beers:

  • Corsendonk Agnus (made by Brasserie Du Bocq)
  • Corsendonk Pater (made by Brasserie Du Bocq)
  • Corsendonk Blond
  • Corsendonk Bruin
  • Corsendonk Christmas Ale
  • Corsendonk Abbey Brown Ale (made by Brasserie Du Bocq)
  • Corsendonk Abbey Pale Ale



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