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La Trappe or "Beer Brewery de Koningshoeven" is the only Trappist brewery in The Netherlands! All La Trappe beers are developed and brewed in collaboration with the monks of the O.L.V. Koningshoeven Abbey.

History 1880 Foundation of the B.V.M. Koningshoeven Abbey In 1880, the abbot Dominicus Lacaes of the Trappist monastery Sainte-Marie-du-Mont in Northern France on the Mont des Cats was worried about the fate of his monks. 1884 Foundation of the Trappist brewery The sheep cage was renovated into a preliminary monastery, and on 5 March 1881, there was the first religious service at ‘Koningshoeven’. 1920 Modernisation of the brewery After the First World War, the production of the brewery increases rapidly. 1928 Introduction of La Trappe Blond In 1928, 'Trappist beer Light’ is introduced; a blond low-yeast beer of 4% alc. 1940 Second World War The war years prove difficult for all brewers in the region, also for the Trappist monks at Koningshoeven. 1950 Development lemonade factory In 1950, a lemonade factory is started as well. 1968 Collaborate with other breweries The brewery continuous to grow into a mid-sized brewery. 1980 Foundation of the name La Trappe In 1980, the friars decide to take full control once again of the brewing. Read more... 1991 Introduction of La Trappe Quadrupel In 1991, La Trappe Quadrupel is produced for the first time. 1999 New developments The growth of the brewery again makes that the business is getting too much for the friars. 2003 Introduction of Witte Trappist In 2003, the Witte Trappist was introduced. 2004 Introduction of La Trappe Bockbier In 2004, another tradition was revived with the introduction of La Trappe Bockbier. 2009 Introduction of La Trappe Isid’or To mark the 125th anniversary of the Trappist brewery, a special anniversary beer was brewed in 2009. 2010 Introduction of PUUR van La Trappe In 2010, La Trappe introduced a new Trappist beer: PUUR van La Trappe, an easy-to-drink, fresh-hoppy, light Trappist beer with a 4.7% alcohol content. 2010 Introduction of Quadrupel Oak Aged In 2009, the brewery started allowing the unique Quadrupel Trappist beer to mature in wooden casks (barriques). 2010 Koningshoeven Brewery is voted ‘Best Socially Responsible Entrepreneur of Tilburg’ The municipality of Tilburg and the Centre for International Cooperation Brabant together take a strong interest in stimulating Corporate Social Responsibility amongst Tilburg entrepreneurs. 2010 La Trappe Bockbier is voted ‘Tastiest bock beer of the Netherlands’ In October 2010, La Trappe Bockbier was selected as the ‘Tastiest bock beer of the Netherlands’. 2011 Planting of ‘Puurbos’ In developing the organic Trappist beer PUUR van La Trappe, the abbey and brewery have always had it in mind to compensate as much as possible for the CO2 emissions.

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