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The goal of our portal and web-shop is to introduce the beers from Belgium, a country with centuries-long history of brewing.
Belgium is a homeland for more than 1500 beer types, which are brewed in more than 400 breweries

As a result, Belgian beer culture was awarded as the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2016

As every leg requires own shoe, so it is with beers: at least every brewery has own glassware, very often every beer has own glass.Therefore, on our shelves you may find an extensive selection ob Belgian beer Glassware.

What could be better gift to a real beer-lover, than a set of bottles and glass? Look at our Gift-packs.


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Looking for a true experience ? 

If you're interested of beer degustation or training, please send an e-mail to virbum@virbum.com.


Beer should be liquid bread, not coloured water. (Belgian Trappist Saying)