Kulminator - number 1 in the world!

Beer-cafe Kulminator, located in Antwerp, was elected by members of RateBeer as a second place amongst all beer-cafes in the world.

Kulminator got 91 points, the winner got only 1 point more!

Kulminator's specialty are aged beers - it's possible there to taste there beers, dated back from 1970-2000. Despite exceeding all best-before dates the beers are excellent thus demonstrate the aging potential of beers.

You should try to get quality beer from 1982, with cost of 10 euros - but in Kulminator you should pay just for that. In their choice of selection is currently more than 600 beers.


From Belgium, also ’t Brugs Beertje from Brugge (18th place),  Le Bier Circus (37th place) and Moeder Lambic Saint-Gilles (50th place) from Brussels were listed.

Winner of that competition was  "Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fà" beer-cafe from Rome, which have alway extensive list of Belgian beers...  
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