Trappist beer

Trappist beers are beers brewed in a Trappist monastery.

For a beer to qualify for Trappist certification, the brewery must be in or near a monastery, the monks must play a role in its production and policies and the profits from the sale must be used to support the monastery and/or social programs outside.

Only ten monasteries  meet currently these qualifications, six of which are in Belgium, two in the Netherlands. Beyond saying they are mostly top-fermented, the beers produced by the Trappist have very little in common.

The current Trappist producers are:

  1. Achel 
  2. Chimay 
  3. La Trappe (Holland) 
  4. Orval 
  5. Rochefort 
  6. Westmalle
  7. Westvleteren
  8. Stift-Engelszell (Austria)
  9. Spencer (USA)
  10. Zundert (Holland)

Mont des Cats (France) has been certified, but athey produce in Chimay, they cannot use the  ATP-logo 

Missing from the picture: Zundert & Mont Des Cats. (They are located under respective products)


Trappistide logod